Drug Rash

What is a drug rash?

Any rash that has been caused by a medicine is called drug rash.

How does a drug rash look like?

 The rash is usually in the form of small, itchy red bumps and spots all over the body.

What medicines are usual causes of drug rashes?

Almost any medicine can cause drug rash, but the most common culprits are antibiotics, and some blood pressure pills.

How would I know that I have a drug rash?

If any rash, as described above, started within several days of starting a new medicine, then a drug rash is very likely to have occurred.

Should I see my health care provider for a drug rash?


What is the treatment of a drug rash?

Stopping the medicine that has caused the rash, plus corticosteroid creams, ointments or pills. Sometimes when the medicine is really needed, we treat the rash without stopping the medicine.

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