What are esthetic fillers?

Fillers are various substances (synthetic or natural such as your own fat) that are injected into the skin or below the skin to fill the wrinkle (or any other defect on the skin such as depressed scars) to make it less visible, or invisible, or to gently enhance, or correct the shape of some parts of the body (lips, hands).

Where are fillers usually used?

To correct wrinkles or facial, or hand contours and irregularities, or to enhance some facial features.

What are the side effects of fillers and adverse reactions to fillers?

In general side effects and adverse reactions to fillers are mild, but rarely, they can be very serious. Even when injected by the most experienced practitioner, side effects and adverse reactions may occur such as: allergic reactions, swelling, pain, redness, bruising, infections, necrosis and scarring. There were even reports of blindness after injection of facial wrinkle fillers.

Whom should I see to receive filler?

Any experienced practitioner can do it, but please make sure that the same practitioner would be able to treat any possible side effects and adverse reactions promptly, and to the full extent of current medical knowledge.

How long do filler effects last?

Anywhere from 2 months to indefinite which depends on the type of the filler.

What filler should I receive?

That decision is best left to you and to your practitioner who should discuss all risks and benefits, as well as prices of various fillers, so that you can make the best choice for yourself.

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