Erb’s Palsy Lawyers

An experienced attorney can help simplify the legal process. Erb’s palsy lawyers can also help clients obtain financial compensation for their child’s future medical needs.

Parents must be able to enjoy peace of mind knowing that their children are cared for, even if they suffer from a life-altering injury. Unfortunately it can be difficult when medical negligence is involved.

Prevention of Birth Injuries

Many birth injuries are preventable. While some are caused by circumstances beyond the control of doctors, such as the position and size of a fetus within the pelvis or the birth canal, other injuries aren’t. Doctors have a responsibility to accurately estimate the weight and size of a baby’s fetus, and to suggest a C section delivery if they think the baby will be difficult to deliver vaginally. This can prevent injuries to the fetus and the mother and often prevents the need for medically needed interventions.

If a doctor does not adhere to this rule then injuries like erb’s palsy law firms brachial plexus or a brachial palsy could occur. These injuries result from nerve damage to the shoulder or arm when a baby is born. Most often, they cause the inability to move or weakness in the area for the rest of the life of the child. Treatments for these conditions can be extremely expensive.

Families who suffer from these injuries need financial compensation to cover the expenses. An attorney for erb’s friends will fight to ensure that a family receives the most compensation possible. This can help reduce their financial burden and aid in securing appropriate treatment for their children. A good lawyer for erb’s palsy will be honest about whether or not your case is a strong one and will do their best on your behalf.

Erb’s Palsy – Causes

Erb’s palsy occurs when the upper grouping of nerves in your arm, also known as the brachialplexus injured. These nerves send messages to muscles in order that allow them to move. If these nerves are damaged, they can’t conduct signals properly and the arm does not move properly or at all. In most instances, the damage heals with time, however certain infants may be born with permanent disabilities.

Many cases of Erb’s palsy Law Firms palsy occur when a baby’s shoulder becomes stuck behind the pubic bone of the mother at birth, a condition called shoulder dystocia. The medical professionals delivering the child must exert force to loosen the shoulder and it can cause strain or tears to the healthy nerves of the brachial plexus.

These injured nerves can be avulsed, which means that they completely separate from the spinal cord, neuroma, which means that the scar tissue exerts pressure on the nerve and stops it from sending signals, or neuropraxia, which is when nerves are stretched, but not torn. The longer that nerves are damaged, the more difficult it will be to heal.

To avoid shoulder dystocia the pregnant mother and the Obstetrician must be in agreement about the most appropriate position to deliver the baby and how to respond in the case of a problem at birth. Many cases of erb’s palsy result from medical carelessness by nurses and doctors who overuse force during the delivery process.

Erb’s Palsy Treatment

Physical therapy for infants with Erb’s Palsy will focus on improving the range of motion of their fingers and arms. Physical therapy is often integrated with other treatments, such as hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy aids in allowing babies to exercise in a gravity-free space that eases pain caused by muscle spasms.

Other treatments include medicines that reduce pain and swelling. A doctor could also employ healthy nerves from different parts of the body to repair damaged nerves. This can improve the feeling and flexibility as well as support for the arm.

A ruptured brachial-plexus may be necessary to fix erb’s palsy lawyer palsy in newborns. A ruptured nerve is the most serious kind of Erb’s paralysis, resulting from one or more nerves being ripped from their spine. Physicians can use surgery to reconnect the injured nerves, allowing them to heal. This procedure is usually successful and allows the majority of children to resume full range of motion in their arms. Some patients may experience permanent disabilities due to the injury.

Erb’s Palsy Settlements

While some children suffering from Erb’s palsy can overcome the limitations created by the condition with daily physical therapy, many will require surgery to repair nerve damage. Fortunately the medical malpractice lawsuit process can allow families to obtain fair compensation for injuries to their child.

If you file a legal claim your lawyer will collaborate with experts to determine how much the treatment will cost. This is known as the value of the case. The value of your case will be based on how serious the injury is and the impact it has on your child’s future. Your attorney will work to secure life-care expenses and future estimated medical expenses as well as other damages.

Your lawyer will then send an official demand letter to the doctor or hospital responsible for your child’s injuries. The letter will detail your child’s injuries and the manner in which they resulted of medical negligence. The letter will also include the amount of compensation you are seeking.

The doctor at fault is then able to negotiate a settlement. This is a less costly alternative to going to trial. If your lawyer has an argument that is strong and the medical professional at fault might be willing to settle out of court with both you and your child to avoid the negative publicity of a trial. The funds from a settlement will be deposited in a trust to pay for medical treatment and other expenses of your child.