Double Glazed Windows Repairs

There are many reasons why your double-glazed windows could require repair such as condensation between panes to dropping or sagging frames. Many of these issues can be resolved.

Try applying lubrication to the hinges, handles and mechanism of your door or window if it is difficult to open. This is a simple, inexpensive solution.

Broken Panes

When a window pane is broken, it loses its insulation properties and double glazed Windows repairs could cause a draft. If the muntins that divide the glass panes also broken, water can leak between them causing condensation or mildew, or mould. This makes your home less efficient in energy use. It is best to have a professional repair a broken window in order to get the most effective seal and energy efficiency.

Firstly, you’ll need to take the broken glass off. Begin by putting a drop cloth beneath the broken upvc window repairs and then cutting around the edges of the pane using an inexpensive glass cutter (available at most hardware stores). It’s worth lubricating this tool’s cutter with lightweight oil before you begin. This will prevent the glass from breaking too easily. You can then utilize the tool’s ball-shaped end to loosen the fragments and the glass should break off fairly quickly.

Scrape any old glazing compound off the frame’s recess once the glass is removed. This will reveal the glazier’s facets and the metal clips that hold the pane in the frame. Replace them if you notice any corrosion. If the window is wooden the glazier’s points could be used again if they’re intact.

The remaining frame must be prepared for re-glazing. Using a caulking gun, apply a continuous ribbon of compound around the inside edge of the recess. Make use of a premium putty like glazier’s compound that comes in a cartridge or a conventional compound that comes in a tin. Let it dry before installing the glass. If the frame has metal clippings, these should be replaced as well. Install the dividers.


Condensation can be a problem for double-glazed windows, particularly during the winter. This is usually caused by high levels of moisture within your home. Warm air collides with cold glass and condenses into water droplets. These then collect in the corners or frame of the window. It can be prevented by opening windows more regularly and enhancing ventilation with extractor fans and running dehumidifiers in order to reduce the amount of moisture. If condensation is still an issue, it’s crucial to get an expert to determine the bottom of the issue and fix or replace your windows when necessary.

Condensation in a double-glazed glass window is a sign the seal has failed. This is because the factory-applied vacuum seal will become degraded in time and allow cool air to make its way between the panes. This can cause the window to become cloudy and eventually develop mold if not addressed quickly.

For a quick fix to condensation, try using hair dryers to eliminate the excess moisture. But, this is only temporary solution and should only be only used as an option last resort. If the condensation has been left for too long it might be facing dampness or even mould in your home, which should be addressed by a specialist.

Professionals can reseal your double-glazed window for a more permanent solution. They’ll take off the affected glass pane and clean the gap. They’ll then pipe hot air into the space to eliminate any moisture. During the process, they will also look for any damages or growth of mould, mildew or mildew and apply an air draughtproofing treatment to ensure that your windows are functional and energy efficient.


As time passes, the rubber seals around the edges of your glass insulated can break down and this can create a draught in space between the two panes. This is often a simple problem that can be fixed by replacing the gaskets, and this will result in a solid and airtight seal once again. This will allow warm air inside your home and the colder air out, thereby saving you money on your energy bills.

Double glazing that is misted could be a sign of blow-blown seals. The unit consists of 2 panes of glass separated by the spacer bar to create an insulating gap and then filled with gas, such as argon for example, to make the window airtight. If the seal has been blown the water vapour will get into your home through the gap. This can cause condensation between the glass panes which is not able to be removed.

This is a simple issue to solve and windows can be quickly replaced by specialists with the proper tools. The specialist will use tools designed to push the new seals into position and this is normally quicker than attempting to do it by hand. These tools have an angled tip that can be used to push seals into corners.

In certain situations an expert may be able to ‘reseal your windows’ by drilling a small hole in the window and then putting in a special desiccant material or putty. This can be an economical alternative to replacements and will provide a reliable draught-proofing system for double glazing.

Faulty Hinges

Many people have experienced misted double glazing. This can be caused by a broken or cracked glass frame or even a broken seal. The good news is that it can often be fixed. This usually involves creating a seal between the two glass panes. The new seal will prevent condensation, draughts, as well as leaks.

Contact the company from which you purchased your windows, and tell them of any problems when you spot them. Make sure you do this in writing, and request them to confirm that they have received your notification. Making sure that everything is in writing will help later on should any disputes arise, as it will be easier to prove that you did complain.

A window repair specialist might be able to drill a hole in the gap between your windows to eliminate moisture and create an airtight seal. This is only temporary and will not stop the return of moisture. Alternatively, it may be possible to replace the glass unit, which will ensure that it is watertight.

It is important to keep in mind that you should only attempt DIY fixes when you have the skills and experience required to be able to do it. Using super glue or another kind of DIY solution could cause more harm in the long term. It is best to seek out professional assistance if you are unsure what to do. By entering your postcode into the search box of Checkatrade will allow you to find an expert in your area who can provide double glazing repair. All of our tradespeople have been thoroughly vetted, and screened and you can be sure that they will offer a high-quality service.

Broken Seals

Double-glazed windows are held in place by window seals or insulation gas. Many factors can cause them to break, including age, weather conditions and power washing. It’s essential to be aware of what symptoms are and how to repair double glazing windows them.

When a window seal fails, it allows humid air to seep in between the two glass panes, creating fog. This is a frequent issue that can also make the window appear disfigured. If the seal is damaged the argon or any other inert gas is lost from the glass, further decreasing its insulation properties.

A broken window seal can be fixed by replacing it with the new one by a professional glazier. However, this could be costly and might not resolve the fog issue completely. Some companies offer defogging services, which involve placing a special vacuum pump in the window frame to remove the moisture, leaving the glass clear. This method isn’t 100% reliable, and it does not replace the inert gasses, which means that the fog could come back.

A glazier is also able to replace the entire IGU (insulated glass unit) when it’s beyond repair. This is typically the most cost-effective option, and can be a good choice when you’re seeking an option that lasts for a long time. It’s best to select an option that provides a warranty on replacement windows. This will ensure that any problems you might face are covered. This means you can be sure that you’ll get most out of your investment. You can also try to avoid this issue by choosing a high-quality window and following the manufacturer’s care instructions. This will prolong the lifespan of the window and decrease the amount of repairs.