Integrated Fridge Freezers

Refrigerators and freezers integrated into the kitchen, tucked under the cupboard door. They give an appearance that is more sleek. But don’t get fooled that behind the subtle incorporated fascias are surprisingly spacious storage spaces and clever features that to reduce the stress of daily life, such as the reduction of frost or removing it altogether.

The 50:50 split is a favorite for those who prefer to keep equal amounts of frozen and fresh food items. Additionally the super-cool setting lowers the temperature of the refrigerator quickly to help cool food faster.

Space Saving

Integrated fridge freezers blend in with your kitchen cabinetry, minimising their visual impact and helping to create a sleek and uncluttered appearance. This makes them perfect for those who prefer a minimalist style, particularly in smaller kitchens or open-plan living spaces.

You can pick between models which are completely hidden with the fridge’s doors and freezer doors covered with the same material that covers your cabinets, or a design that is partially integrated, but has an distinct “fridge-style” finish on the front of the refrigerator. Both options have their pros and cons, so it really comes down to what style you prefer. The completely concealed style offers less visual issues, while the partial style eliminates breaks in the cabinetry’s finish, which could make your kitchen feel disconnected.

It is important to consider the capacity you need when selecting a new refrigerator freezer that is integrated. Consider how often you go for grocery shopping and the amount of space you need for both fresh and frozen products. A 70:30 integrated refrigerator freezer is the ideal option for families looking for a larger refrigerator section. It offers plenty of space to store leftovers and cooked-in-batch meals as well as ice cream.

If you’re looking to replace for your fridge freezer that is integrated be sure to search for an A+ energy rating or higher. This will allow you to reduce your energy bills. Also, ensure that you are replacing the same model. an integrated refrigerator freezer will only fit in cabinets designed to accommodate one.

At NE Appliances, we have an extensive selection of fridge freezers that integrate to suit all budgets and styles. You’ll find a range of cheap models from brands such as Beko, Candy and Hotpoint that start at PS450, while our top-of-the-range AEG, Bosch, Siemens and Neff models can cost PS800+. We’ll also set up your new appliance at no cost and take away the old fridge or freezer should you require. You can also take advantage of our Buy Now Pay Later option and spread the cost over three equal monthly installments.


The fridge freezer that is integrated is ideal for homeowners who have small kitchens or open-plan living spaces since it can be concealed behind the cabinet door. This creates a look that is smooth and reduces visual clutter. The most recent integrated refrigerator freezers are designed for ease of use and have a variety of features to aid in the storage and keep food fresh. A super-cool setting decreases the temperature of the appliance quickly to ensure that food stays frozen. Some models have a cold storage block that keeps ice longer and a drainage spout to drain the water faster during defrosting.

If you’re looking for an integrated refrigerator freezer, choose one that is compatible with your cabinets. Some brands offer refrigerators in white or cream, while others have more modern designs with a stainless steel finish. You can also buy matching drawers for the freezer section if you require additional storage space.

When you’ve found a model that is suitable for your needs, you should check the capacity to ensure you have enough food in the room. The capacity is usually measured in Liters. The cheapest models can hold around eight bags of food. Meanwhile, more expensive models from AEG, Bosch and Neff are capable of holding up to 17 bags.

When selecting an integrated fridge it is important to take into account the cost of installation as well as the customization. Installers may have to construct an bridging cabinet over the americam fridge freezer, or even remove fillers to accommodate it. This can increase your costs. Moreover, integrated fridges are considered permanent fixtures in your home and cannot be taken with you when you move.

Another thing to bear in mind when purchasing an integrated refrigerator is the kind of hinge that it uses. The cheapest models will have a cabinetry hinge while the more expensive models will have the heavy duty soft close hinge that is attached directly to the appliance.

Energy Efficiency

Refrigerators with integrated fridge freezers are designed to fit in your fitted kitchen, without ruining the harmonious appearance you’ve been working so hard to achieve. But don’t let their invisibility fool you, these clever refrigerators are bursting with cavernous storage that can be configured to meet your requirements, plus clever technology that will keep your food in top condition.

Many of the latest models have energy efficiency ratings that help you keep your household costs in check as well. There are refrigerators that have a low-energy consumption label that can help reduce your home’s carbon footprint and freezers with frost-free technology that helps reduce the need to defrost altogether. This is important because fridge-freezers are always on, unlike freestanding models, which use energy when they are used.

This energy-efficient technology is demonstrated by the RS1884FLJK1 integrated refrigerator freezer made by FISHER &PAYKEL. Featuring separate circuits for the freezer and fridge sections, this appliance consumes less power than other models that use a shared cooling system to keep both compartments chilled. This is an excellent choice if you need the space of a huge refrigerator-freezer, but have a small family or prefer to store frozen foods.

If you’re looking for more energy-saving features you can consider the option of a model with an antibacterial lining that prevents the growth of mould and unpleasant odours. You can also choose a fast-freeze option that lowers the temperature in the freezer quickly, helping food to stay fresher for longer after an outing to the store.

If you’re ready to purchase an integrated refrigerator freezer, choose one that has a track record of reliability and quality. At NE Appliances, we’ve got an extensive selection of options from top brands like Bosch and Hotpoint that will surely delight. Our free installation and delivery service will ensure your peace of mind while we install your new appliance. We can also take away, recycle and disconnect your old appliance. If you’re looking for an easy and flexible way to pay for your appliance, we can provide you with Klarna finance at the checkout if you wish to purchase now and spread the cost over three months.


Integrated fridge freezers are designed to seamlessly into your kitchen without affecting the look of your kitchen. They can provide an elegant, stylish look. They are also vital in keeping your food fresh, safe and healthy. There are models to suit every taste, whether you want to hide the fridge or make it the center of your home. Our online collection includes fridge freezers in a variety of designs such as stainless steel and sleek black. Leading brands such as Bosch and Hotpoint are also included.

Despite their secluded appearance integrated fridge freezers provide plenty of storage space. They can provide ample room for a large-sized turkey as well as plenty of bottles of wine. The model you choose will determine if the doors can be opened either way. Certain models also have sliding shelves which are easy to adjust.

Certain models come with built-in wine racks that allow you to store all your favourite bottles in one location. They are perfect for homes that host dinner parties or frequent entertainers.

You can also choose higher-end refrigerators that have integrated freezers that can provide an ample amount of freezer and fridge space, which is ideal for families who will use the freezer for bulk purchases of frozen foods or batch-cooking meals to freeze. These models typically measure around 177cm high and many have panel-ready options, meaning they can be used in conjunction with the rest of your cabinetry.

If you decide to go with an integrated fridge that is tall, you can also select a different door split. Models with 50/50 splits are great for households that prefer a fridge over a freezer, or who require their food to be kept at a suitable temperature. You can also pick between 60:40 and 70:30 If you want more freezer space.

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