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Under counter fridges can provide additional storage space, while also freeing up space in your main refrigerator. They come in different sizes and styles. We have solid door models that are energy efficient and great for self-serve areas. We also have glass-door models that look elegant and are perfect for displaying products.


If you’re searching for an undercounter refrigerator for commercial use or a small fridge for your home, you need to consider the capacity of the appliance. The top undercounter refrigerators have large and bright interiors, with adjustable shelving and storage bins to store various food items. They also have the most possible capacity for storing fresh ingredients, pantry items and condiments.

Undercounter fridges can be installed or freestanding. They range from 20 to 24 inches wide and from 18 to 26 inches deep. They can also be recessed, making them ideal for homes with limited space or bar-style designs. Some models come with an stainless-steel look, which makes them an attractive feature for any kitchen.

Commercial undercounter refrigerators are small, and they fit easily under counters in restaurants, pizzerias and catering businesses. They’re perfect for storing drinks, snacks and other foods that require a low to moderate amount of cooling. They’re easy to clean and are durable. They’re also a good option for kitchens at home because they’re easy to install, use, and keep clean.

Undercounter refrigerators are similar in size to mini fridges, however, they have a greater capacity of storage. They can be built-in or freestanding. Some also have separate freezer compartments while others have small cooling compartments for storing drinks and canned items. The temperature control is adjustable digitally from 33 to 38 degree Fahrenheit.

Energy efficiency

There are many options available for an inexpensive, undercounter refrigerator. If you’re looking to keep leftovers in storage or cool down vegetables and fruits there are plenty of options. Choose between double-door or single-door refrigerators with different shelving and storage bins that are on the door and a crisper drawer to keep fresh food items. Some models even include an egg tray.

A majority of undercounter refrigerators have high-quality fans that draw in cool air, pushing it through the evaporator in the refrigerator, and cooling it quickly. The fan also takes warm air from the refrigerator and it is essential to pay attention to the level of noise in the unit. The decibel scale is used to measure the amount of noise. Anything that is less than 40 dB can be considered to be quiet. It is important to be aware of which side the fridge opens and closes, as this will determine where you can position it.

Some undercounter fridges have a raised backsplash that’s connected by bolts or welding to the top of the cabinet. This protects against spills and other food messes. This makes the interior easy to clean. Some also have a hinged door, making them easier to open and close. There are also ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) certified worktops that have lower legs, to allow them to be placed under the counter fridge with icebox counters that measure 34 inches or less. They have the same interior as the standard models, however they are designed for wheelchair access.


At first, the sound produced by your undercounter refrigerator could be a bit jarring. There will be whirring and buzzing sounds coming from your compressor (if you own one) as well as the sound of gurgling and clicking when the ice is being made. These sounds are normal, however they can be extremely loud if one listens to them continuously.

To help reduce this to a lesser extent, you could try soundproofing the alcove behind your refrigerator. This will prevent the sound from bouncing around the room. This solution isn’t suitable for everyone, as it requires an enormous amount of space. If you’re not confident enough to tackle this yourself, you can also purchase an acoustic case that fits the back of your refrigerator.

Commercial refrigerators under counter are available in a variety environments including restaurants and cafes, sports arenas and premium skyboxes. They are ideal to store and cool drinks and food items so that they are ready for serving.

Pick from a range of designs to suit your space and budget. Stainless steel models are a popular choice because they blend in well with most kitchens and come with an easy-to-clean fingerprint-resistant finish. We also offer undercounter refrigerators with glass doors for a sleeker, more contemporary appearance.


Undercounter fridges are an excellent addition to the kitchen, allowing you to have extra storage space for food and drink items without taking up the floor space. Curry’s undercounter fridges come in various dimensions and styles, so you can pick the ideal one for your home. The slim models are ideal for undercounter installation, while others have sliding doors that hide the appliance when it’s not being used. You can find ADA certified models that meet the requirements for accessibility for wheelchair users.

The undercounter fridges we offer can be freestanding or built-in. If you opt for one that is built-in, make sure there’s enough space behind the unit for a plug to slot into and that the fridge is in the proper height for the space available. Find out which side of the fridge opens. Some are reversible but others aren’t.

A compact undercounter refrigerator can be added to your man cave, office or shed to keep snacks and drinks on hand while you work at home. Our refrigerators are often equipped with a slim profile and vent to the front, which makes them easy to put under counters. We also have models with glass fronts that are perfect for bars in the home and wine rooms. You can also select panels that are ready to be seamlessly integrated into your cabinetry.