Protect Your Car From Key Cloning and Theft With a Ghost II Immobiliser

Secure your vehicle from modern day key cloning and theft with our TASSA approved ghost immobiliser. The device is hidden inside the vehicle. It works with the CAN data network, and connects to buttons on the steering wheels as well as door panels and the the centre console.

It can make a changeable disarm sequence through existing buttons which can be up to 20 presses long. This makes it difficult to be detected by anyone trying to steal your vehicle.

No circuit cuts

The Ghost is a security device that can be fitted to the interior of your car. It’s hidden and designed to prevent thieves from stealing your pride and joy. The system is connected to your vehicle’s CAN data network and is controlled by the engine control unit (ECU). The ECU sends a signal to disable the ignition when the remote or key is press. This prevents you from starting the engine until you know the correct PIN code.

The system is easy to use, and can be programmed with the help of buttons on the steering wheel, door panel, or on the centre console. Once it has been programmed, the Ghost will generate a PIN number that is unique to you and can only be entered by pressing the correct button sequence. This feature is not just excellent for protecting your vehicle from theft, but it also makes it very difficult for thieves to hack the system.

Another advantage of the Ghost is that it doesn’t require circuit cuts or extra wiring. This makes it a great option for people who want to keep the original look of their car as possible. This is crucial for those who intend to resell their cars in the near future. The system can be remotely deactivated via the smartphone. This makes it harder for thieves to steal the vehicle. It also connects to CAN data network, which means that it is inaccessible to thieves using radio frequency scanners.

Ghost is a security system that protects your car against cloning attacks, relay attacks and hacking. Ghost is completely discrete and doesn’t include LED indicators or keyfobs that reveal its position. It doesn’t leave behind any installation marks this is a great feature for future car sellers.

The system can be used in conjunction alongside other security products such as Tracker, to provide a greater level of protection. It includes an GPS tracking system as well as an alarm for theft prevention. This system can be used with a wide range of vehicles including cars or vans as well as motorhomes. It can be installed in only a couple Cost of ghost immobiliser minutes and is able to be switched on and off with the touch of the button. It also comes with a service mode that allows you to start your vehicle without having to enter a PIN. This is perfect for valet parking and when your vehicle requires to be maintained.

No key fobs

A ghost immobiliser provides an additional layer of security for your vehicle. It stops your car from starting until you have entered a unique disarming sequence. This prevents key hacking and cloning, as well as relay theft.

The TASSA-approved ghost-ii device a low-maintenance, discrete device that utilizes the buttons on your car to create an unidentified code that has to be entered to allow your vehicle to start. This means there’s no need for extra key fobs or LED indicators to reveal the location of the device. The device is also difficult to identify, as it is silent and does not emit radio signals and is virtually undetectable. This makes it a fantastic option for those who want an unobtrusive system to protect their car against theft via contactless.

In 2022 the number of cars stolen. It what is a ghost immobiliser crucial to take the necessary steps to protect your car from becoming a victim of crime. As contactless technology becomes more sophisticated, criminals are discovering ways to steal vehicles without the need for the physical keys. This is why a ghost immobiliser is an excellent investment for those looking to add an extra level of protection to their vehicle.

This low-maintenance, discrete device can be concealed in your vehicle. For example, under the floor mats and in the engine compartment. It is also connected directly to the CAN data network so there is no need for wiring and is almost impossible to spot.

The Autowatch ghost-ii is a discrete and efficient anti-theft system that can be installed in a wide range of vehicles. It connects to the CAN (Controller Area Network) of your vehicle, and functions through the ECU (Engine Control Unit) therefore it is completely inaudible and unnoticeable. It doesn’t communicate with any diagnostic tools and does not make use of radio signals. This means it is in no way able to be altered by hackers who may attempt to add keys, or replace the ECU.

No LED indicators

Autowatch Ghost II is the ultimate vehicle immobiliser that is designed to stop key cloning. It also prevents theft of cars. This device is discreet and uses the factory buttons on your vehicle (steering wheels door panels, doors, and central consoles) to create an unique PIN push sequence. You must enter this code before you start your vehicle. It is inaccessible to a criminal and doesn’t have LED indicators that signal its presence or location. It also comes with an immobilisation backup feature that can be triggered by the vehicle’s built-in engine stall system providing you with an additional level of protection.

It does not transmit radio frequency signals and is connected to CAN data network, cost of ghost Immobiliser so it isn’t identified by diagnostics. This means that thieves are unable to make use of sophisticated RF scanning, code-grabbing or other techniques to locate the Ghost. This renders it almost undetectable for the thief and it can be placed virtually anywhere in the vehicle.

The unit is connected directly to the CAN data network, meaning that a thief can’t hear the distinctive click of a traditional immobiliser relay. It is not able to be removed, and thieves will need to cut wires to disable it. The Shadow also has an internal relay that could be used to back up the Ghost-II if it is disconnected or tampered.

This additional layer of security is a powerful deterrent to criminals. If a thief tries to cut off the Ghost-II it will trigger the engine stall function which stops the thief from reinstalling the Ghost-II or using other methods to start the vehicle. Additionally to that, the Shadow will also disable your vehicle’s ignition if the original key or fob is used to attempt to start it.

This is an extremely effective anti-theft system that offers the best level of protection for your Range Rover Sport. In fact, we recommend that this system be installed on all Range Rover Sport models as it makes the vehicle more difficult to be stolen.

No installation marks

In contrast to older immobiliser systems that can be detected by diagnostics and code-grabbing technology the ghost II immobiliser operates in a different manner. It is water-proof, does not require additional wires and makes use of the buttons on your vehicle to generate a unique PIN code which you need to enter before your engine can be started. There aren’t any LEDs to indicate that the device has been activated or that it has even been fitted and because it relies on the vehicle’s data network there is no risk of the system being compromised in any way.

The device can’t be identified by diagnostics, and it can’t be used to intercept your vehicle key or to clone it. This is a breakthrough solution to stop key cloning.

It is also an TASSA insurance approved device that could help lower your car insurance costs. This is because most insurers will categorize it as an anti-theft device that is likely to reduce the chance of your vehicle being stolen and may offer you a discount rate for taking out this option on your vehicle.

Our expert installation team is prepared to manage the entire installation for you. They will ensure the installation is completed to the highest standards. We will give you the entire process of how the system works and answer any questions you have. We will then give you the owner’s manuals, installation certification and an Ghost 2 emergency card.

Recently, we were granted the status as a TASSA approved company. This means that we can discretely mark your vehicle with QR codes that connect directly to information in a secure TASSA data base. This means that if the vehicle is ever recovered by the police, it will be immediately identified to you as its owner. This will allow you to get your car back quicker. Our service comes with a warranty for the lifetime of the product, meaning you can drive with peace-of-mind knowing that your investment will be protected.