american fridges freezers Fridge Freezer – The King of Domestic White Goods

Whether in shimmering silver, minimalist white or elegant black, american fridgefreezer fridge freezers promise culinary acclaim. They also meet the requirements of practicality by incorporating clever features like air circulation and fancy drawers for vegetables and fruits to ensure optimum long-lasting freshness.

Some have water and ice dispensers that are plumbed in and others have jugs with refillable ice. Before purchasing, measure the space you have both inside and outside.


Like the name suggests, American fridge freezers can hold more than the standard UK models. They could be a major selling aspect if you are in a house with many people who are known to bring food or drinks over or love to entertain. They can be sophisticated and elegant with flat fronts and handles that are recessed to match the kitchen appliances to give a seamless appearance. Some come with plumbed in water dispensers and Ice makers, which provide instant chilled and filtered drinking water. They are also easy to create cubes for popping into drinks – perfect for celebrations.

They can be bulky and occupy a lot of space in the kitchen. The good news is that manufacturers are now producing smaller 70cm American fridge freezers that can be adapted to the UK market, integrated american fridge Freezers so you can still enjoy great looks and cutting-edge features without having a monster appliance that takes up the entire room.

You must measure your space prior to buying to be sure that you are able to fit the model you’re looking for. Also, keep in mind that you’ll need a 60cm clearance around the door frame. It’s then just a matter of finding the perfect spot for your American refrigerator freezer so you don’t have to scramble through the back or sides of your new purchase to get everything.


American fridge freezers are the kings of white goods in the country. They can hold up to 38 shopping bags of food items. The shiny silver finish makes them look elegant and chic and will impress friends and family. Additionally, with smart technology like the ability to circulate air to prevent frost and fancy 0@ fruit and veg drawers that ensure maximum freshness, they’re brimming with extra features.

There are slimline models that are perfect for smaller spaces, especially if you do not want to purchase a two-door American fridge freezer, but need it. Many manufacturers offer 70cm Integrated American Fridge Freezers refrigerator freezers that have been specifically designed for the UK market. They provide the desired appearance and modern technology of an American without taking up too much space.

If you’re looking for a low-cost model with plenty of storage space, check out this Haier American refrigerator freezer. It’s got a capacity of 521 litres, which is enough for 28 bags worth of groceries. This model features Total No Frost technology to ensure that you don’t have to defrost manually again. It also has an easy-to-use water dispenser that places ice cold drinks at your fingertips. There’s even LED lighting to make it easy to find what you require in the dark.


American fridge freezers are stocked with the latest technology to make sure they work at their best. Smart screens let you plan your shopping lists or consult recipes. The handy dispensers that can dispense cubed ice or chilled water are also available.

Models with convertible zones are able to be converted from freezer to refrigerator. This is a wonderful feature for Christmas or any time you need to store any extra food items. Twin Cooling technology prevents the warm freezer air from drying fresh food and no-frost is a smart option.

Certain models have automated ice makers which can produce fresh frozen ice cubes that are filtered at the press of a single button. There are also plumbed in options that are connected to your mains system and provide refreshingly chilled water, or instant ice. You can also add a manual ice maker to your refrigerator if you prefer this style of storage.

Efficiency in energy use is an important aspect to take into consideration. The Energy Saving Trust recommends that you select models that have A-G ratings with ‘E or ‘F” being the most efficient. The new E-F energy label replaces the previous plus sign and A-D rating. It provides your estimated annual operating costs in kWh.


Fridge freezers with huge capacity are ideal for those looking to store food and save money by not having to go to the grocery store frequently. Large appliances can consume more energy. Therefore, it is important to select a model that have high energy efficiency ratings. The new UK energy labels are simpler to read and show an energy rating from A-G, and the annual energy consumption in Kilowatt-hours.

There are refrigerator freezers with higher energy ratings. A less-rated appliance could be more affordable depending on your household’s usage and electricity rate.

Many models also feature No Frost technology, preventing the accumulation of frost and ice which encroaches on storage space and requires manual defrosting. The options that are plumbed-in connect directly to the water supply, while non-plumbed models draw their power from an integral tank that’s easy and quick to refill.

The size of the American fridge freezer can be an issue for some, particularly since they typically measure around 90cm wide and 178cm tall. Manufacturers have responded by making smaller 70cm models that provide the sought-after look, extra storage and cutting-edge technology without the weight. Check your front and inside doorways before you buy one of these slimline models to ensure that you can fit it into your home.