Electric Fireplace Wall Mounted

Wall-mounted electric fireplaces add an inviting ambience to your home or office and are very secure. They plug into an outlet, and the majority of models have supplemental heating options.

These fireplaces are also cheaper than recessed fireplaces. You can install it yourself or hire a professional to do it.


Wall-mounted electric fireplaces are the best option for those looking to create a cozy and modern feel in their home, condo or office without taking up much space. They come in a broad range of designs and sizes to suit any space, from small to large, and they can even be customized with a variety of finishes and colors. Many offer a bed of glowing flames and embers to create a calming atmosphere in any space.

While these units can be ideal for adding elegance and warmth to any space however, they must be set up properly to ensure safety and maximum performance. To decrease the chance of fire, any materials that can ignite should be kept at a distance of 3 feet or more away from the unit. Vents that release the hot air must be left open and unblocked. This will allow the hot air to move more efficiently through the room and lead to a more effective heating.

Most wall mounted electric fireplaces come with instructions on how to install them properly in the workplace or at home. The instructions typically include step-by-step pictures or video clips of the actual installation procedure so that anyone can follow the steps easily. Some might require the assistance of an electrician professional to install in a commercial or residential building, but the majority are relatively simple and quick to install.

The most important factor to consider is to select a model that has CSA certification and an automatic shutoff feature in case of a short circuit or overheating. The majority of models come with thermostats to regulate the temperature. This lets you select the temperature you want for your home or office.

It is also essential to turn off the fireplace when you leave the home or retire to bed. Not only will you save money on energy, but you’ll also be able to avoid electrical malfunctions as well as potential fire dangers. It is also a point to check that the power cord is not exposed or touching anything that could cause fire when it is overheated.


Electric fireplaces wall mounted are an excellent option for those looking to add a beautiful and practical feature to their living spaces but do not have the space needed for a traditional wood or gas fireplace. They’re simple to install and include the brackets required to hang them like a TV or picture. They’re also vented, so you don’t have to be concerned about a chimney or smoke. You can also control the flames using the remote.

You can match these fireplaces with your interior decor by selecting from a variety of mantels and designs. For instance, you could opt for a wood-finished finish to match the rustic or country style, while black metal fireplaces work well with modern and contemporary designs. Some models can be recessed into the wall for a custom-fitted look, while others are freestanding and can be placed in any room of your home.

Another thing to consider is how much heat the fireplace will produce. There are models that produce a warm glow or those that have up to 1500W heating power. The former is more efficient, which means you can save on electricity costs, whereas the latter is ideal for zone heating or supplemental heating.

In addition to the flames and ember bed, some models also come with a backlight that you can change from red to white or dim. This creates a dramatic and romantic atmosphere, which is particularly useful in small spaces.

Some models have a thermostat built in that allows you to set the desired temperature. The fireplace will automatically adjust its temperature according to the set temperature. You can use the heating function without the flames if you want to enjoy the warmth of the fireplace.

Although it’s possible to install a recessed or wall-mounted electric fireplace by yourself, it’s almost always recommended to employ an expert to ensure that the job is done properly and safely. Depending on the size of the model you choose, it may be necessary to construct a special framework or box to support it and make sure it’s secured against the wall. Also, you should determine the space where the fireplace will be installed before buying it. This will ensure that you don’t purchase a fireplace too big or Electric Fireplaces Wall Mount small.


It is crucial to consider the style and appearance of an electric fireplace wall-mounted. A lot of people choose models that can blend in with their decor and design elements and won’t stand out. These units are typically sleek and modern and typically have frames that are completely transparent or frameless. Some models include the option of refracting to add visual appeal. When looking for an electric fireplaces wall mount, click through the following web page, wall mount fireplace, be sure to consider the heat output and the flame effects.

Most times, the flame effects of electric fireplaces that are mounted on walls will be very realistic, and it is worth paying attention to how life-like the flames appear. Some brands even provide 3D holograms to increase the effect. In most cases, higher quality flames are superior. Also, you should be aware of the power output of the fireplace. Some fireplaces can provide enough heat for an enormous space, but others might not.

The best place to buy an electric wall mounted fire fireplace wall mount is on the internet. Here, you can find all of the necessary details to make a purchase that is suitable for your home. The site will also outline the different styles available and provide you with detailed descriptions of each. You can then be certain that you’re getting the best deal for your money.

Some homeowners prefer a recessed wall-mount electric fireplace since it appears more finished and blends in with the wall. This is more expensive than the standard model however, it’s worth it for those looking to add a touch of modernity to their home.

A wall-mounted electric fireplace that is recessed can be used to add warmth and a focal point to any room. They can be heated to up to 400 square feet and are a great option for smaller spaces. They are also easy to set up and are secure for pets and electric fireplaces Wall mount children. They are also much easier to maintain than traditional fireplaces because they do not emit smoke and don’t require any sweeping or cleaning.


Depending on the model you select, some electric fireplaces are built to be semi-permanent, and must be attached to a wall with either a wall bracket or hanging screws. It is crucial to review the instructions for your specific fireplace, as they will provide instructions on how to do this. If you’re unsure about drilling into walls, you may want to hire a professional electrician to do it for you.

First, you’ll need decide where to install the wall-mounted fireplace. This is important because it will ensure that you put the electrical fire in a safe location and will fit into your chosen room. It is also important to make certain that you have a power outlet nearby – it should be near enough for you to plug the fireplace in without the need for an extension cable, but make sure it isn’t located too near to any combustible materials such as curtains or furniture.

After you have chosen a location for the electric fireplace, you’ll have to prepare the wall. If you’re installing it in a drywall wall, you’ll need to cut two 2x6s one inch shorter than the finished wall height, and then mark the center point and stud locations on each plate using a pencil. Then, you’ll need to drill holes for the mounting bracket and ensure that they’re placed according to the specifications for the fireplace you’re using.

Certain models of wall-mounted electric fires come with a template showing the locations where holes must be made. Use this along with a pencil and a level to mark on the wall where you’ll have to attach the bracket. Then you can use the rawl plugs that come with your fire to fix them into the holes in the walls.

Then, you can hang the front glass of the fireplace after it is securely in place. Then, connect it to the wall and enjoy! For added convenience, you can add the remote. Electric fireplaces wall mounted are a great option to add heat and style to any room.