Add a Treehouse Bunk to Your Kids’ Room

Many children dream of owning their own treehouse where they can sleep and play and dream, hide, and find themselves. This fun bunk bed can bring this dream to reality.

This unique bunk bed comes with an oversized twin bunk on top and a full-size bunk below. It is GREENGUARD certified and made in a Fair Trade certified factory. It is possible to separate it into two separate beds at a later time.


A bunk bed can be an excellent option for your child’s bedroom. It’s not just a fun sleeping environment, but also transforms the bedroom into an outdoor playhouse. However, you should make sure that the treehouse is safe for your children to play in. It should be built low to the ground, and should be protected by a surface. It should also be kept away from electrical wires as they may cause electrocution or shock. It is not recommended to use chains or ropes because they can cause strangulation. In addition, it’s important to build the Tree House Bed house on a solid foundation, and not near any walls or windows.

This beautiful tree house bunk bed full House bunk bed from Mathy by Bols will transform your child’s bedroom into an outdoor playhouse. The unique design of this bunk bed is both elegant and secure, featuring an elevated ladder and sturdy guardrails. It can be used as traditional bunk beds with twin mattresses on the bottom and top or as a loft bed that has a mattress that is only on the top, creating extra space for friends or siblings to sleepover. The bed is constructed of top-quality wood with an extremely durable finish.

The top bunk of the treehouse bunk is designed to hold a standard twin mattress up to 9 inches thick (not included). It also features an slat-roll foundation, which eliminates the requirement for a box spring and tree house bed offering a more economical and eco-friendly solution. This bunk is independently tested to ensure it meets or exceeds safety standards established by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and ASTM. This bed is suitable for children of all ages, but the top bunk is not recommended for children younger than 6 years old.


Treehouse bunk beds can bring a lot of fun to the bedroom of your child. They’re not just amazing but they also encourage imaginative play. This unique bunk bed lets children to experience adventures that they’ll remember for a lifetime, no matter if they’re pretending to live in their own private hut, or hiding in the branches.

The treehouse loft bed by Mathy by Bols is constructed from sturdy wood and features a fun house design with windows, roof and a ladder. It is also equipped with an safety guard rail to stop your child from falling off the top bunk. It’s the perfect solution for any child’s room!

The bunk bed is easy to decorate. You can paint the frame in neutral colors to match your children’s walls or create an “built-in” effect by merging it into the space with curtains or bookshelves. It’s also possible to transform it into two separate twins beds if your children outgrow it.

There are bunk beds with slides so that your kids can enjoy an alfresco retreat in their own space. Whether they’re spending the night with friends or family they’ll enjoy the idea of sleeping in a treehouse.

The treehouse loft bed from the Club collection is ideal for those with a small space. Its compact dimensions allow for an extra-large bed with casters underneath the upper bunk. Its cottage-style and dark grey finish makes your children feel as if they live in a warm hut.

This treehouse bunk bed from the Ethan collection is both stylish and affordable. The twin-over-twin design is ideal for kids who are sharing the same room with their siblings or who have sleepovers. It also comes with a playful, treehouse canopy-inspired design that will fit in with any decor. It’s also ASTM-certified, and meets CPSC standards. The built-in ladder lets kids to climb easily into and out of the bed.


Make your child’s bedroom an imaginative and unique space to relax, sleep or just take refuge. This gorgeous treehouse-style bunkbed by Belgian company Mathy By Bols will add a cozy home style to any bedroom. The unique design includes an enclosed space for the lower bed, as well as an inviting hut for the upper bed.

This fun bunk is built with safety and durability as the primary considerations. It has an integrated ladder, as well as solid guardrails that provide the ultimate combination between practicality and elegance. This solid and durable bunk is made of 100% FSC Certified pine. It has a rustic finish that can be matched with any modern design. It can be easily split into two beds as your child grows.

This fun bunk is perfect for families with children sharing a room or friends staying over for sleepovers. The design is flexible and allows for the loft to be used as a bed with mattresses on the top and bottom, or as a bunk bed with only a mattress on top, leaving the lower area free for playing. The lower bunk is designed with a floor bed design that is influenced by Montessori philosophy. This encourages a sense of independence in sleeping and play.


A treehouse bunk gives children the opportunity to have their own space in nature. They can use it to sleep, play, inventing, dreaming about growing, discovering themselves, and even studying. The indoor environment can separate children from the natural cycles of nature and animals and plants around them. A treehouse can allow children to be reconnected with nature.

Elizabeth Heath is a travel, lifestyle and home improvement writer who lives in rural Umbria, Italy, with her husband, tween daughter and dog. She is enthusiastic about the outdoor lifestyle, endless home improvement projects and tree house bed her intrepid adventurer of a tween.