Ghost Immobiliser Tracker

The Autowatch ghost immobiliser install immobiliser system is a discrete device that stops your car from starting without entering the pin code. It protects against cloning and theft of relays.

It does this by stopping the engine from starting unless you enter a PIN code (up to 20 digits) using the buttons on your vehicle.

Theft Prevention

A ghost immobiliser tracker will make it more difficult for thieves to take your vehicle. The device is connected to your vehicle’s CAN data network and a personalised code is embedded in it. The code is entered using a pattern of existing buttons on the dashboard and steering wheel and is only available to you. If someone tries to start your vehicle, they will be prevented from doing so as only you know the PIN. The system is discreet and undetectable. It can operate in the background and not interfere with your driving experience.

The device is invulnerable to relay attacks, the UK’s fastest-growing method for theft. The thieves operate in groups of two or three. One will stand by your vehicle, while another usually in a neighboring house or parked along the roadside is using an electronic gadget to receive the signal from your key fob and transmit it to their relay device. The Ghost II immobiliser prevents the thief from starting your car by blocking the signal from your fob.

It also stops thieves from using a different key or replacing an ECU to bypass the system and start your vehicle. This is because it works silently and does not give off the distinctive click that traditional immobiliser relays make. It also stops circuit cuts, which are a common trick used by professional thieves to mess with your vehicle and make it easier for them to steal it.

If a burglar is able to successfully get into your vehicle, the GPS tracking will notify you of their location and send you an SMS of their movements. This will allow you to call the police and make a report and possibly get your vehicle back.

An immobiliser from Ghost is a great investment as it will guard your pride and joy from being stolen. It must be installed correctly by a trained and certified installer to ensure that the system is working properly. We suggest working with an approved TASSA engineer, such as MotorGuard. They can provide an individualized installation service for the Autowatch ghost 11 immobiliser as well as other modern car security devices.

Remote Control

Utilizing the small device that is placed on the key ring and connects to your car’s on-board CAN data network it is activated by an easy mobile application. It will generate a unique PIN (similar to the ones used on credit or debit cards) which must be entered in order for your vehicle to be driven. This will disable your engine, preventing thieves from starting it regardless of how they use the original key fobs.

Ghost immobiliser trackers have systems that stop signal jamming, spoofing and copying. These are all ways that standard immobilisers could be vulnerable. These next-generation devices can be linked to other alarm systems for cars and Trackers (Brand dependent) to allow prior disarming.

This technology is available to any of our Ghost Tracker Products, giving you peace of mind whenever you are with your vehicle. It can work with your existing tracking system, and once activated, it can be authorized via the app to start your car and lock it. This is perfect to make a quick trip to the shops or taking your children to school.

The Autowatch Ghost II immobiliser is a futuristic security device that utilizes the buttons on your dashboard or steering wheel in a subtle design to generate a PIN that only you can access. This is accomplished by the combination of up to 20 different button presses. This it is nearly impossible to break by thieves and can even disable the immobiliser.

Another benefit is that it will still be active if your car is being tracked by one of our trackers, or stolen and can be reactivated from the app. It can also be activated by your TASSA approved installer (We are a TASSA approved installer) and will activate the original car alarm, and trigger any other security features like a car tethering alarm or warnings about vehicle location to the driver.

The Autowatch Ghost II Immobiliser is an Insurance Approved Product provided by TASSA and can be installed on most automobiles. It is silent and undetectable. It does not require wire cutting to install.


Ghost immobilisers are an excellent accessory to any vehicle, especially as more people want to protect their vehicles from theft through contactless. It shields your vehicle from key cloning as well as keyless entry. It also comes with a variety of tracking features, allowing you to track your vehicle and keep it visible.

Unlike many immobilisers on the market that operate using radio frequencies and radio frequencies, our Ghost is silent and works by utilizing the onboard CAN data network of your vehicle. This means it’s inaccessible to any potential thief and cannot be detected by simple scanning tools using RF to find the system. The Ghost is also very difficult to dearm since it doesn’t require additional circuit breaks during installation.

Once installed after installation, the Ghost immobiliser will not permit the engine to start until you enter your unique PIN. You can enter up to 20 digit PIN via your vehicles dash or steering wheel buttons so that only you and those you authorize to start the vehicle. There is a reset option that allows you to restart your vehicle in the event that you forget your PIN. Other features that are useful include Service mode, which allows your vehicle to temporarily start and drive without a PIN. This is ideal to use for valeting or taking it to the garage to work.

To maximize the benefits of your security system, we recommend pairing a Ghost with a GPS tracker. A GPS tracker can not only inform you the location of your car, but can also send an alert if the vehicle moves outside of the area set. This will allow you to respond quickly if your car is moving.

As one of the Midlands’ leading installers of top-quality security systems We provide a complete installation service to ensure that your security and satisfaction is protected. Our experts are on hand to provide unrivalled guidance and support so that you can find the right solution for your needs.


A ghost immobiliser works quietly and does not emit radio signals. It is low maintenance. It is connected to the vehicle’s CAN data bus, and operates through the ECU and is hard for thieves to detect. The device is extremely durable and can last for a long period of time with no wear and tear. It can be positioned in a secure location inside the vehicle. It can be installed several ways, including in the wheel trim or the engine bay.

It’s a great solution to protect your most precious possessions. It is an efficient and economical alternative to traditional security tools like a wheellock or a hidden tracking system. It is also a great option for vehicles used in a commercial capacity. For instance, it could be installed inside the vehicle or lorry to prevent theft. It is also not susceptible to hacking, and you can track the position of your vehicle throughout the day.

Like other immobilisers Ghost II CAN immobiliser does not make use of LED indicators and key fobs. Instead, it uses the buttons found in your Porsche like those on the steering wheel and door panels as well as the central console – to allow you to create a unique sequence of disarming (like PIN codes) that must be entered before the vehicle can be started and driven.

This innovative technology doesn’t require special software or coding and is therefore difficult to hack or disable. It is also extremely economical and simple to install.

Our team of experts from Total Vehicle Systems will provide an in-depth demonstration of how the Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser Tracker functions on your Porsche before it is fitted. Then we will provide you with the Ghost 2 emergency cards, the Installation certification, and owner manuals. We will also ensure that you are happy with the results.