What is a cyst?

Cyst is an enclosed space that contains liquid or creamy material. The most common cyst is an epidermal cyst  (skin cyst), which is frequently and improperly called “sebaceous cyst”, since it contains white to yellowish greasy material. This material is not a product of sebaceous glands but it is a mere collection of moistened dead and shed skin cells.

How do cysts look like?

They are usually in the form of skin-colored bumps or nodules under the skin, commonly with a slightly widened opening. Sometimes these cysts can get inflamed turning much larger, red and painful with purulent drainage through the opening.

Where can they occur?

They can occur on any part of the body. When they occur on the scalp they are called “pilar cysts”.

What is the treatment of the cyst?

The best treatment is the complete excision together with the cyst opening. Incision (nicking) and drainage of the cyst is best avoided, since it frequently results in cyst coming back.

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