See a newer you this year by learning how to get rid of acne! Talk to an online dermatologist today about how you can reveal your beautiful skin.A person with red spots on their back and shoulder.

The New Year brings promises of a fresh start and a new you! The new you should be acne-free! Learn how to make sure you are the center of attention, and not your acne. Here at DermBoard, we are passionate about helping you achieve your clearest skin possible. Whether you are wanting to learn how to get rid of acne or wanting to clear up a common rash, Dr. T has the answers for you. Below are a couple of tips to ensure that your acne remains at a minimum so you can ring in the New Year in style!

Getting rid of acne tip #1:

Wash your face before and after your night out. By washing your face, you are cleaning your pores and clearing them of the oil and dirt that has collected on your skin throughout the day. To figure out which acne wash is best for you, follow this link and find out!

Getting ride of acne tip #2:

Watch what you eat. The old tradition of “you are what you eat” is true. The foods and beverages you consume have a direct effect on your diet. Refined carbs in your food, for example, will spike your blood sugar. When blood sugar is spiked, your body brings it down by increasing the amount of insulin in your blood stream. Insulin has been known to trigger growth in clogged pores and boosts your oils glans into action. Overactive oil glands and clogged pores are a recipe for disaster.

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