Defra Approved Log Burner

The Defra-approved stove is a preferred choice for homeowners. This is mainly due to the fact that they provide an easier burn and provide greater control over heating costs.

You can also burn wood legally in Smoke Control Areas, which is a major benefit since it helps you avoid the fines levied on people who use unapproved stoves. They come in various styles to fit your home.

Clean Burn Technology

Clean burn technology in log burners that are defra-approved helps to reduce the amount of smoke and particulate that is released during combustion. It has been demonstrated that this technology has the potential to reduce the health risks associated with poor air quality in urban areas. This is particularly relevant when using a fireplace or stove that burns wood. The city of Bergen, for example recognized the importance of implementing effective measures to improve the quality of their air and, as a result the old stoves that were not cleanburn are now illegal in the city. The program to trade in stoves was a huge success. Bergen ranked fifth among the 320 European cities in 2021 for its air quality.

To accomplish this, large Defra approved stoves have been developed to ensure that the fire is fed with sufficient oxygen to ignite and burn the fuel. This is achieved by having an additional or tertiary air intake that allows for additional combustion air to flow into the appliance in addition to the primary and/or the main air intake. A secondary air supply is typically located behind the appliance, either inside or underneath the fire box.

These modern stoves that are Defra-exempt have passed the most rigorous tests and can burn wood legally in Smoke Control Areas. This is provided the correct kind of wood, which is seasoned and dried to less than 20% moisture content. It is used in conjunction with the Defra approved stove.

A Defra approved stove will have also been tested to be able to emit no more than 3g of smoke per hour which is the legal limit for most UK cities and towns. If a stove emits excess emissions, the owner could be punished up to PS300.

A top DEFRA stoves approved stove will be marked as such on the product and will also bear an Ecodesign mark, which came into force in 2022. To be Ecodesign compatible, stoves have to undergo strict emissions tests and have minimum efficiency ratings of 72%. A stove with an efficiency rating of high will reduce the amount pollution produced by it, and save you money on heating costs.

Perfect for Smoke Control Areas

The government of the UK has set high limits on the emissions of stoves and fireplaces. The government aims to make the country cleaner and healthier. Smoke Control Areas are found in numerous cities and towns, where the production dark smoke can be a source of irritation for residents. If you reside in a Smoke Control Zone and have an older open fire or wood-burning stove, then you must upgrade to a log burner that is Defra-approved.

They are more eco-friendly than old fashioned log burners, and are equipped with the latest clean burning technology. Leading manufacturers such as Arada, Burley, Parkray & Stovax continue to improve their products and are introducing models that have secondary and tertiary combustion systems that further reduce emissions. These advanced burners will save you money over the long run on fuel costs.

DEFRA approved or Defra Exempt are terms used to indicate that the stove has passed a test designed by the Department for Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs in the UK. This test ensures the stove is safe to be used in smoke-controlled areas. The term Defra Exempt can also be used to describe models that have passed the test and are able to burn authorised smokeless fuels that are listed on a list provided by Defra. These fuels do not include wood.

You could face a fine if you use an older stove that isn’t DEFRA approved in a smoke-controlled zone. You can find out whether you are in a zone of smoke control by visiting the official Defra website. To avoid being fined, you should only use dry seasoned wood or smokeless fuels approved by Defra, and not wet wood or logs.

There are a variety of DEFRA Approved Log Burners on the market. The Dovre product pages display this logo when the model is suitable for Smoke Control Areas. Visit the official Defra site to find out more about DEFRA-approved stoves, fireplaces and fires.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning your log burner is vital to maintain its efficiency and decrease the build up of harmful creosote which can cause chimney fires. Regular cleaning will ensure that your stove glass remains clear and clean so you can enjoy a stunning fire view without obstruction.

You may need a variety of tools to maintain your wood burner. This includes a cleaning brush, ash vacuum cleaner and stove polish. It is recommended to clean your stove once it’s cool and wear a pair of heat-resistant gloves.

First, employ the grate brush to get rid of any ash that has built up on the bottom of the stove. Be sure to reach all crevices and corners. You can then make use of an ash vacuum to take out any remaining ashes and dispose of them in an aluminum container. Once your stove is completely clean you can apply a polish to your stove using a soft cloth, taking care not to touch the hot surface.

It is important to only burn seasoned, high-quality wood on your defra-approved log burner to ensure you aren’t producing high levels of particulates. When choosing your firewood, look for the Woodsure Ready to Burn logo or use a moisture meter to check the moisture content to be less than 20%. You can also season your own logs, but it can take up to 2 years for the moisture content to evaporate.

Avoid burning stained, painted or treated with chemicals (including pallets, MDF, and Medium Density Fiberboard). These materials emit dangerous chemicals when they are burned and should not be burned in a log stove.

A proper installation of your log burner is crucial to maintaining its efficiency and performance. Install it by a professional and in a well-ventilated area and free of drafts. Stoves installed incorrectly can be dangerous and cause damage, as well as decreasing the efficiency of the stove and increasing the cost of running.

Energy Efficient

Log burners with Defra approval are generally more efficient than counterparts. The reason is that they have been tested and proven to be able to guarantee that the correct amount of air is supplied to the wood or fuel burning stoves during combustion. This reduces the amount of smoke generated and, in turn, reduces emissions and large heat loss from the stove.

You can be assured that a defra-exempted wood burner will be safe to use within your chimney system since it has a chimney diameter of 5″ (150mm). Non-Defra-approved stoves have a larger chimney outlet, which can cause issues when installing a chimney liner. At The Stove Yard we can provide a selection of 5″ chimney liners for your wood stove or multi fuel stoves that are exempt from defra.

Most of the stoves that we sell at The Stove Yard are Defra approved and feature the most recent clean burning technology. A lot of our models come with secondary and tertiary feeds that use air to ensure combustion of the fuel. This improves the efficiency of the stove and reduces the amount of smoke produced.

Another benefit of a Defra approved log burner is that it will allow you to legally use it in a Smoke Control Area. UK cities and towns with large populations are classified as Smoke Control Areas. To comply with the law, you must use a DEFRA certified appliance when burning wood or smokeless coal.

You can buy a clearSkies-certified defra-approved stove to prove that it is compliant with the new Ecodesign emission standards that came into effect last year. This is the best option if you live in an area with Smoke Control. It will make your stove green and comply with the laws. The ESSE 700 Vista, a elegant and efficient Defra Approved Log Burner, comes with an option to add the smoke control kit, if required.