Protect Your Vehicle With the Autowatch Ghost 2 Immobiliser

The autowatch ghost 2 is a discreet invisible, effective, and invisibly immobiliser that guards your vehicle against key cloning and theft. The device is hidden within your vehicle’s CAN data network, which means thieves are unable to remove it or disarm it by simply cutting wires.

The device instead uses the buttons on your steering wheel and centre console in order to create an unique code sequence that can only be manually entered by you.

It’s low-maintenance

It’s normal for people to want to secure their cars with the most recent technology as car maintenance is a priority in their lives. Installing a ghost immobiliser can assist in stopping theft.

ghost immobiliser car immobilisers are an anti-theft system that works by shutting off your vehicle’s ignition and stopping the engine from starting. It works using the PIN code that only you are able to access. This means that no criminal could use a key copied from another or hack the system to gain access to your vehicle.

It is also untraceable because it’s tiny and tucked inside your vehicle’s wiring. This makes it nearly impossible for thieves to steal. It’s also quiet and doesn’t emit a radio frequency signals which makes it a great alternative for those who are worried about their vehicle being stolen.

This CAN Immobiliser is easy to install and includes two deactivation modes: Valet/Service and Transport. Selecting Valet mode allows your car to run within certain parameters, for instance, the speed limit of 30 mph. This is done without disclosing your pin code to anyone who works on your car.

You can deactivate your vehicle by entering a pin code sequence using the car buttons we’ve programmed. You can also use the app to disarm it and make it more secure.

The Autowatch Ghost is an Tassa Verified product that can be recognized by insurance companies, which is vital for those who are concerned about their cars being stolen. It’s also a great choice for those who don’t want be bothered with having a large fob or a complicated device.

If you’re considering this security option, call MPH today to set up an appointment for installation. Our team member will demonstrate how the Ghost 2 immobiliser functions on your vehicle. They’ll also give you owner’s manuals, installation certificate and a Ghost 2 emergency card. Before leaving, they’ll ensure that you’re happy.

It’s easy for you to install

This unique immobiliser operates independently of any factory fitted alarm or tracker. It can only be activated using the help of a Bluetooth tag worn on your body. It is extremely difficult to bypass or hack because it doesn’t have any wires or buttons to cut. It is also indetectable with the high-tech diagnostic tools professional thieves use, as it does not emit radio frequency signals.

The Ghost II CAN Immobiliser is tiny, weatherproof device that’s fully installed and integrated into the vehicle harness. It’s a totally hidden device that is hidden, sneaky and stealthy that is able to be disabled only in a special “Service Mode” which allows the car to be started temporarily for valet parking or for service without having to enter your code. It’s a fantastic feature for anyone who needs to use their vehicle for business and is looking to give keys to valet service or transport.

Once the Ghost is connected to Jaguar’s CAN bus system it’s programmed to protect it by entering a unique code, which is a user-defined sequence. The vehicle won’t start until the correct sequence has been entered first and even when it is in service mode your engine will not start, in the event that the vehicle exceeds 30mph or greater speed, it will automatically restart.

Ghost is distinct from other immobilisers which rely on keys or LED indicators for protection. Ghost uses buttons on the steering wheel, door panels and the centre console which allows you to create a unique disarming sequence (like pin codes) that has to be entered prior to the time your car will start. The sequence of disarming can be adjusted to include up 20 inputs, which makes it more secure than an immobiliser installed by the factory.

This latest generation of stealth immobiliser runs completely independent of any factory-installed alarm or tracker and features the latest technology to help protect vehicles from hacking key cloning and theft. Ghost connects directly to your vehicle’s CAN data bus system to block the car from starting without ensuring the correct sequence of buttons has been entered first. Modern hi-tech diagnostic tools can’t detect or deactivate ghost immobiliser fitter. It can also be used to stop the functioning of other security systems, including jamming and spoofing devices.

It’s unrecognisable

Autowatch Ghost 2 is a subtle immobiliser that is unrecognisable by thieves since it doesn’t use LED indicators or key fobs to operate. Instead, it connects to the vehicle’s CAN data network and operates through existing buttons on the steering wheel and doors as well as the central console. It is not visible on your vehicle and can only be activated by entering a specific disarm sequence through the application or Bluetooth tag (sold separately). This unique device is invulnerable to spoofing and jamming devices used by thieves to obtain codes from your original remote fob.

The system can be programmed so that it needs up to 20 button presses before the vehicle will start. The device is also able to be set in valet or service mode meaning that it will not display the pin code if the engine is turned on or off.

This is an excellent feature for those who are worried about having their pride and joy stolen. Many people consider their vehicle as an integral element of their life and want to ensure it is safe. This is particularly important when you live in a highly-crime-prone area. A security system that is effective will aid in reducing your insurance rates.

With so many factors to consider, it’s important to invest in a top-quality security system. There are numerous options available, including low-maintenance immobilisers that are low-cost. Some come with a three-year warranty, which is an excellent option for anyone looking to ensure the safety of their vehicle.

Installing a Ghost-II is among the most effective ways to increase the security of your vehicle. This unique immobiliser has been specifically designed for high-end and luxury vehicles, and it’s extremely effective in preventing theft. It is silent and does not emit radio signals. This makes it inaccessible to sophisticated thieves who use scanner tools to hack your vehicle’s ECU. It can be paired together with alarms to add an additional layer of security against theft.

It’s quiet

If you’re looking to ease the burden of securing your car then Autowatch Ghost is the best solution. This next generation device prevents key cloning, hacking and even if your key fob is stolen. It is installed in your vehicle’s data network CAN, it allows the engine start after the unique PIN is entered. It is operated by the buttons on the steering wheel, console and doors. It is not equipped with LED indicators, so it is not able to be spotted by thieves. This device is certified by insurance companies (TASSA), and it may even lower your cost of insurance.

It is inaccessible to thieves using diagnostic tools because it communicates with the vehicle’s CAN data circuit in a silent manner and does not emit any radio signals. When the user enters their PIN number, it enters service mode. This is to ensure that the vehicle is able to be used for everyday driving. It is particularly useful when your vehicle is going through an MOT or being valeted by professionals. The ghost immobiliser tracker – browse around this website, will be able to exit service mode according to speed and duration so that you can drive away without having to enter the PIN code again. You can also alter the PIN code at any point.

In addition to that, the Ghost is protected by a fail safe feature which will block all outputs from the vehicle if it detects any interference for example, someone trying to use a laptop in order to hack into it or someone trying to steal the vehicle. This is a great security feature, making the Ghost an excellent choice for high-end vehicles.

Autowatch Ghost is simple to install and use. The system is accessible via the App on your phone that is compatible with most phones. It can also connect to your Ghost device through Bluetooth within 5-10m range. The app is available for Android and iOS phones. It is free to download and simple to use.

The Ghost will shut down the outputs of your vehicle when there is interference. This is a great feature for modern high-end automobiles. It’s a great method to keep your car’s joy secure and protected, so why not take the time to protect your vehicle today?