Protect Your Car From Theft With An autowatch ghost immobiliser fitting Ghost Immobiliser

Secure your vehicle from theft with an Autowatch ghost immobiliser. These car security devices are not only for automobiles, they can also be fitted to motorhomes bicycles, caravans, plant machinery, and even ride on lawnmowers.

They also have systems to prevent signal jamming, device spoofing and key cloning – all of which are common techniques used by criminals. So why would people want to install this technology in their vehicles?

Additional Security

A car ghost immobiliser is connected directly to the ECU unit of your vehicle. It is quiet and doesn’t transmit radio signals. Therefore, a thief won’t notice it. The device is small, can be concealed and communicates with vehicle’s ECU to prevent the engine from being started without a particular PIN code. This can be done using the electronic buttons on your steering wheel or a smartphone app or a pattern you create yourself. This makes it difficult for thieves to find out if you’ve entered your pin code.

The immobiliser is also protected with a tamper-proof design, which means that it can’t be removed or damaged. This is especially important for those who wish to keep their vehicle safe for resales, or to protect it from damage while they’re driving.

The device can also be removed without damaging the battery of your car or its electronics. It can be installed on any vehicle, and it won’t void the warranty of your car This makes it an affordable solution that offers the assurance of security.

One of the great things about ghost immobilisers is that it stops thieves from using new key fobs to swap the ECU to start your car. It’s a fast and efficient solution to stop stolen cars. Only you can start your vehicle by entering your unique pin.

The Ghost immobiliser also has the valet mode that allows you to temporarily disable the device so that you can give your car to valet parking or service. The device will automatically reactivate after you have entered the correct pin code. This is the best way to relax in your favorite vehicle knowing that it is in safe hands.

Protection for Your Resale Value

A ghost immobiliser provides an additional layer of security for your vehicle that stops theft and helps protect its resale value. The device makes use of buttons on the steering wheel or on the centre console to create a unique pin code. You must enter the code before you start your vehicle. It is similar to credit card, but is more secure because it can be as long as 20 characters long!

The technology behind this top-of-the-line security system that is sold aftermarket makes it virtually impossible for thieves to evade it. It communicates with the ECU via the Controller Area Network network (CAN) which makes it invisible to thieves who aren’t familiar with the latest technology. It is among the most reliable and reliable security devices for cars in the world.

Once it is installed Once installed, the device will detect vibrations in or near your vehicle, any contact with it, any damage to the vehicle and attempts to start the engine. All of this data is sent directly to the smartphone. This allows you to check the security of your car from any location at any time.

It will also inform you of any alteration that may be happening to your vehicle, like the cutting of wires and signals being intercepted by a person trying to hack into your vehicle’s communication system. This allows you to take swift action, before it’s too late.

Adding a ghost immobiliser to your vehicle will not only protect you from thieves who steal cars but also protect your pride and joy’s resale value. When luxury vehicles are stolen by thieves, they could become difficult to sell. This can result in an enormous loss in the money you’ve invested into your vehicle and the value of your home. A ghost immobiliser can help ensure that your resale price is protected and ensure your car is secure for your family.

Installing a ghost immobiliser can allow you to operate your vehicle only. The PIN code generated will be specific to you and easy to remember for installation yourself however it will be it will be impossible to compute for anyone else. Additionally your engineer has provided you with an emergency PIN code that you can use in case you forget the sequence.

Peace of Mind

In a world where everything is becoming digital, it’s essential to keep your possessions protected. Having a car ghost immobiliser is one of the most effective methods for doing this, as it will safeguard your vehicle from theft by stopping your engine from starting without the correct pin code. The technology behind this device is advanced, meaning it cannot be re-used similarly to standard immobilisers, and can even detect vibrations or damage to your car.

The immobiliser ghost is fitted to the vehicle’s existing interface, such as the steering wheel, the centre console, or door cards and creates a unique pin code that has to be entered to start the engine. The system is linked to the key fob, and can detect if someone attempts to start your vehicle using other keys or fobs. It will then send an emergency PIN to the owner through your smartphone. The owner is able to arm or deactivate the device via their mobile phone.

This method of security works in a different way than traditional immobilisers, and the fact that thieves will require your pin number to steal your vehicle will make them think twice about trying to steal it. Thieves will also be aware that you have a ghost immobiliser in place and will not know how to bypass it. This means that they will likely give up in the end, rather than trying to take your vehicle.

Ghost immobilisers are an excellent option for anyone who wants an extra layer of security for their vehicle. Additionally, it can be easily reactivated should you need to take your car to garage for maintenance or valeting. The device will leave no trace of its installation, and won’t affect the aesthetics of your vehicle in any way.

Car Specialist Customs offers a reliable and high-quality ghost immobiliser that will protect your vehicle from theft. Our team can offer a free estimate for you, and install your ghost immobiliser at a time that suits your needs best.

No Damage to Your Car

Contrary to other car security solutions Ghost immobiliser is a different kind of solution that will not cause any damage to your vehicle. It is installed in the engine block and is connected to the CAN data network. This stops the vehicle from starting without entering the correct PIN code. It is a small weatherproof device that is unable to be seen by the naked eye. It operates in a silent manner and does not have an LED indicator and doesn’t transmit radio signals, which means that thieves will not be able to locate it or detect it. This makes it a highly effective solution for preventing car theft as the device is almost undetectable and can only be activated by the vehicle owner or the ghost immobiliser fitter.

You can change your PIN code anytime you like, so that no one else knows the number. You can also put the device in “service valet mode” if you need to shut off the device so that your car can be started for maintenance or an MOT. This will not disable the immobiliser and installation can be switched back on when you enter your PIN again. This also means that you can take your vehicle to garages or valet services to have it cleaned or serviced, and the ghost immobiliser won’t be activated, allowing you to get back on the road swiftly and easily.

Ghost immobilisers are a common option for those looking to secure their vehicle even more. It can be fitted to nearly any vehicle, ensuring that there is no risk of it being stolen. It is a cost-effective, safe and highly efficient method to stop car theft. It is especially advantageous for those who own expensive vehicles.

Install an immobiliser ghost on your vehicle to protect it from theft by car and increase its resale value. This is because thieves are more likely target vehicles with high-end or premium brand name. By installing a ghost immobiliser, you will be able to increase the value of your car by as much as 20 percent, and being secure knowing that your vehicle is secured.