New York Birth Injury Lawsuits

Both the mother and the child could be at risk during childbirth. While medical advances have made the process much safer, the doctors and nurses involved must adhere to the highest standards of professional practice.

A lawyer who is familiar with birth injury law will scrutinize medical records, talk to experts and fight to win you the money you need to build your case. A successful claim could pay for the costs of future and past ones.

Duty of Care

The birth of a baby can be one of the most exciting events that a family will ever witness. However, the event can be traumatic if medical errors during labor and birth result in injuries to the baby. In New York, healthcare professionals are legally bound to provide their patients with the best level of care. If doctors and other health professionals fail to meet the standards, it could be possible to bring a birth injury lawsuit to recover damages for victim’s loss.

It is crucial to prove that the defendant owed an obligation of good care to the plaintiff in order to win the claim. This is accomplished by showing that a doctor-patient relationship existed, birth injuries and also establishing the appropriate standard of care for a health care provider under the circumstances. This is typically done through medical documents and expert witness testimony.

If a healthcare professional has breached the duty of care, the victim must prove that his or her injury was directly caused by the breach. In other terms, the harm would not have occurred without the breach. In addition, the victim must prove that he/ was a victim of damages. These damages include emotional and physical injury and medical expenses caused by the injury, loss of income when the injury prevented the person from working, birth injuries and much more.

Medical experts are usually involved in a birth injury claim. They can estimate the amount of medical care a victim will require throughout their lifetime. These costs can be astronomical and are a crucial element of the case’s success.

Breach of Duty

The situation will determine if healthcare providers have an obligation to provide medical care. It also depends on the customs and practices under similar circumstances. This is why the involvement of medical experts could be required to establish the proper standard for the circumstances of your case.

To succeed in your case, you need to prove that the defendant breached the law by failing to follow medically-accepted guidelines. An experienced lawyer will know the best way to gather evidence and present it in court. Your lawyer will also be familiarized with the defenses made by the defendants or their insurance companies in these cases.

You must also prove that the breach of duty caused your child to suffer birth injuries. This is the most difficult part of the case because you must show that your child wouldn’t be suffering if the defendant had not been negligent. This is why it’s vital to have an skilled New York birth injury lawyer to your side. A lawyer is able to gather evidence and prove that the injury to your child could have been prevented. They will also understand how to show the full extent of your child’s losses to ensure that you receive all damages that you are entitled to.


Birth injuries can be devastating to parents and children alike. The cost of treatment and care is not just emotional but also financial. These can include hospitalization, surgery, medication aids at home, and physical therapy. In some instances these expenses may extend into adulthood.

It is imperative to prove that medical professionals owed you an obligation of care and that they violated this duty. It is imperative to prove that there is a doctor-patient relationship and that the medical professional was unable to provide the standard of care and competence expected in similar circumstances. The plaintiff must also prove that the breach caused the injury.

The method of proving negligence in medical malpractice lawsuits is complex and differs from state to state. It is important to hire an attorney who has knowledge of the legal system where you reside.

The first step is to schedule a complimentary consultation with an attorney. During the meeting, an attorney will determine if your claim is valid and discuss possible legal strategies. They will also discuss the options you have for seeking damages related to your child’s injuries. Your lawyer will typically begin the legal process by submitting a Summons and Complaint. After that, they’ll be involved in a process of discovery that involves the exchange of evidence and documents between the parties to the lawsuit.


In many instances, complex calculations are used to calculate damages. The severity of injuries can result in cost of care for the entire life that is in the millions. This may include around-the-clock in-home nursing as well as physical and medical occupational therapy, and other special treatments. The cost of these requirements is hard to determine without consulting experts in each area.

To prevail The plaintiff must establish that the defendant failed to fulfill their duty of care. This involves establishing the proper standard of care, which is generally established by the medical profession’s specific practices and standards in similar circumstances. To support this argument an experienced attorney will seek out the opinion of medical experts who can examine the evidence in the case and provide evidence about the way in which the hospital or doctor didn’t meet the required standards.

If an expert finds the breach of duty, the next step is to establish causality. This involves linking the breach of duty to the harm sustained by the mother or infant. To do this, the attorney will submit a demand package that includes documentation and records to the malpractice insurance company of the hospital or doctor. This package will include the documents and records which show how the lapse occurred.

Doctors, hospitals and medical insurance providers have teams of lawyers who are on call 24/7 to safeguard their interests and deny or reduce claims. A skilled birth injury lawyer can guide you through the process and develop solid arguments to maximize the compensation you are entitled to.