Ghost Immobiliser Problems and Solutions

Cars are expensive possessions that we have to save for years for. For this reason, it is a huge disappointment when your dream car gets stolen.

If you’ve installed the ghost immobiliser by a reputable fitting company such as Car Theft Solutions, it can prevent thieves from stealing your vehicle in just a few minutes.

1. No Stop/Start

The Autowatch Ghost CAN Immobiliser was designed and developed as one of the most efficient security systems on the market. The system works by using buttons on the steering wheel, center console and pedals to input a pin code in the vehicle’s system. It will then disable the engine. This prevents the thief from stealing your car, even when they have keys or fob.

The Ghost is equipped with security measures to prevent the device from being stolen by thieves or hacked. This includes CAN BUS blocking and a physical immobiliser cut. Together with an insurance approved marking system, the odds of your car being stolen are almost zero.

This system works with the factory-installed immobiliser on your vehicle to provide a secondary layer of security. It prevents the criminal even if they have your remote or key, from starting your vehicle. This helps to protect your resale value as well as keeping your family and you safe.

If your Ghost has stopped functioning, it could be an a sign of other issues that are not Ghost-related. To test this try and switch to valet or service mode on your ghost immobiliser 2. This will remove your Ghost from the car and you should be able to begin the car. If you are unable to do this, it could be a problem with your Ghost installation or it might be a problem that causes this.

It is not recommended to try to eliminate ghosts by yourself unless you have the knowledge. This is because you work with a complex and sensitive system that directly controls your engine. This could cause damage if not handled correctly and is extremely risky. We recommend that you contact the installer for assistance.

2. No ignition

Immobilisers are used in modern cars to prevent the vehicle from starting if your key isn’t compatible with the one programmed inside. This is done by sending a transponder number from the key to the immobiliser which then checks it against the ones stored inside it. If the codes are in agreement, the engine is able to start. This system could fail for many reasons, including a stolen or lost key or a damaged transponder, ghost immobiliser 2 one that isn’t coded, or electrical issues such as a damaged immobiliser antenna wire that is a part of the ignition cylinder. Multiple keys may also confuse the codes, like an extra or a vehicle with two transponders in the same key.

Therefore, if the immobiliser is not working properly, it can be impossible to start the vehicle, which would give thieves the impression that it’s a malfunctioning system, and they could go off with your pride and joy. This is why it’s an important investment for any car owner particularly those with prestige cars that are difficult to sell after being stolen or damaged.

The ghost immobiliser can be concealed in nearly any part of your car which makes it virtually unnoticeable by car thieves. It uses buttons on the steering wheel, door or central console to generate a unique PIN code that only you know. This means you’re the only person to drive your vehicle. It also works silently and does not have LED indicators so that thieves be unaware that it’s there. The Ghost is TASSA accredited and Insurance Approved. This means it can be installed by an approved installer and help to protect your precious possessions from key cloning and hacking.

3. No engine start

It’s not a surprise that people are looking to add an extra layer of protection. With car thefts on the rise, ghost immobiliser 2 and keyless entry vehicles being a prime target for thieves, it’s not a surprise that people are looking to add an additional layer of security. Installing a ghost immobiliser is among the best methods to accomplish this. This innovative device safeguards your pride and joy from both damage and theft using some of the most innovative technologies in the market today.

The Ghost is a new generation security system, unlike traditional systems which rely on key fobs or LED indicators. It is based on an exclusive pin code sequence that only you identify to start your car. The device is programmed to secure your vehicle by using buttons on your steering wheel and dashboard. It will also stop the engine from starting until you enter your pin code first. It’s done quietly, no clicking like other systems. It is nearly impossible for a burglar to recognize.

It also disables the stop/start mode if it is required. It will vary from vehicle to vehicle, but the procedure is usually as simple as locking the gearbox in P or slowing down the system.

Ghost immobilisers safeguard your vehicle in a very effective way. They can be used with any key, or even a spare. It will stop all types of car theft, including key copying and ECU swapping. It also helps to prevent vehicle damage by detecting the sound of a vehicle and altering. It also helps help protect your vehicle’s sale value by making it less attractive to thieves.

4. Keyless entry is not possible.

The last thing any car owner would like to experience is having their pride and joy taken away. You might have spent years saving up for your car or have an expensive vehicle that you are proud to display. Being faced with the loss of a vehicle can be a very depressing experience, regardless of whether you’ve invested in it or not. With the right security solution you can guard yourself against even the most shrewd of thieves.

Ghost 2 immobilisers, unlike Faraday bag or wheel locks, can be installed discreetly in your vehicle without harming your vehicle. They will only permit you to start your car when the unique code is entered correctly. The pin code is selected by you and can be changed as many times as you want. The device also functions differently on every vehicle, so thieves will not be able to tell it’s even there.

Ghost II links up to your vehicle CAN system and communicates with it via the CAN data circuit meaning that it is unable to be detected by common thieves’ codes grabbing or RF scanning technology. The ECU or key cannot be bypassed since only the proper pin codes will allow your Lexus vehicle to start.

Our TASSA-accredited Ghost 2 immobiliser has been accepted by insurance companies and gives peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is protected from theft via contactless. This will not only help you recoup any losses caused by theft however, it will make it difficult for potential thieves to sell your car in the future since they’ll be aware that the vehicle is equipped with an anti-theft security system installed. This could save you thousands of dollars in resales.

5. No alarm

A ghost immobiliser is a advanced device installed inside your vehicle that stops it from being stolen. It stops your vehicle from being stolen by stopping the engine from starting until you enter a pin code sequence that you are familiar with.

This is a fantastic anti-theft device because, unlike the wheel lock or a car alarm, a ghost immobiliser installation immobiliser cannot be removed, jumped started or spoofed. If someone attempts to steal your car using this method, they’ll discover that it won’t start and they’ll be forced to turn the car around and then drive away without it.

The technology has improved to stop thieves from taking the joy and excitement of your life. It is crucial to secure your car with ghost-immobilisers. They’re not expensive, but also highly effective at protecting your vehicle.

They are discreet and not noticeable, which means thieves will not be able see them. The device can also be used in conjunction with a car tracking system, to ensure that you know where your car is and whether it’s secure.

The Ghost Immobiliser 2 CAN immobiliser is the very first aftermarket CAN bus immobiliser, and it’s designed to protect your vehicle against hacking, key cloning and key theft. It’s also TASSA-certified, which ensures its security. The device is able to be installed inside your vehicle at an obscure location, operates silently, has no radio signals and is undetectable to the naked eye. It is less expensive than a traditional car alarm, and does more to stop thieves from stealing your car in the first place. This will provide you with peace of heart and make your vehicle more secure than it has ever been.