Under Counter Fridge Sale

Under counter refrigerators are a fantastic space-saving appliance and an ideal choice for smaller kitchens or apartment. They have come a long way in terms of build, aesthetics design and functionality over the past 20 years.

Find the model that meets your requirements. Think about the location the model will be used, and if any specific features are required.


A fridge that is located under the counter can free up space in your refrigerator and is ideal for condiments, drinks, and other foods you’d like easily accessible. Our collection comes in various sizes that will suit your needs. You can pick between smaller undercounter refrigerators that are ideal for apartments and larger models that can be installed in your kitchen. Certain models are ADA compatible to accommodate people who are unable to move around.

A lot of our refrigerators under counter include freezer compartments. This is great for people who often host parties or require more storage space in their kitchen. It is beneficial to have frozen meals available for those who like to cook large quantities of food or take meals on the go. Check the dimensions of your freezer model to ensure it is able to fit under counter fridge sale your counter.

We also have a range of commercial undercounter refrigerators that are suitable for use in pizza shops, sandwich bars or catering companies. They are available in various capacities, depending on whether you need a medium-volume, low-volume or high-volume fridge. They also come with many features like a touchscreen control that lets you easily alter the temperature. Some models have reversible doors that allow for a left-handed swing while others have interior lighting for easy identification of contents.


In contrast to freestanding fridges and undercounter models are designed to sit under counters, and are typically front-venting. This allows them to stay cooler by redirecting the heat that is escaping from compressors and into the room. This allows them to maintain their energy efficiency and last longer. This can cause them to make more noise compared to standalone models. This is because of the addition of condenser and evaporator fans that are required to cool them down. The quiet running fan design is continually improving so that these units will become more quiet over time.

They are available in a variety of styles to suit a range of requirements. They can be installed anywhere there’s space. They are often used as an extra for a main refrigerator or in a pantry to store extra food or drinks on hand. Some are designed specifically for wine storage and others can be converted into beverage centers for entertaining guests. Some are ADA compliant and have a low-profile designs to allow easy access to the ingredients.

When you’re looking for an undercounter fridge it is important to ensure whether the size is suitable for your space and can be placed underneath your counter. You should also check which side of the door opens. This could have an impact on where you can place it. Certain doors can be reversed, but you should check before making a purchase.


Undercounter refrigerators are an excellent way to keep drinks chilled and fresh ingredients in your kitchen regardless of whether you operate a small café or a busy bar or any other foodservice establishment. These small units can be placed under your counter to make space for other appliances such as freezers and ovens. They also offer sleek design which blends seamlessly with your existing decor.

You can choose between models with a solid or glass door, which allows you to see inside the refrigerator without opening it. The stainless steel models are immune to stains and fingerprints, and are durable enough to stand up to regular use. Some models have reversible door handles for left- or right-handed use.

Certain models have multiple temperature zones, so you can store food and drinks at the perfect temperature. The LED lighting inside will keep the contents looking like they’re as tasty as they can. If you need ice, shop for undercounter refrigerators that have built-in Ice makers that can produce up to 50 pounds each day.

Small undercounter refrigerators are commonly used as an overflow for larger refrigerators in the kitchen or to store things near a countertop or another area for cooking. They’re also found in convenience stores and other establishments that need self-service refrigeration for beverages and snacks. A majority of them are ADA certified and have shorter legs that can be placed under low counters.

Energy Efficiency

We offer a large selection of under-counter fridges that are durable and maintain their temperature well. They also have great features like LED lighting and self-cleaning condensers. Select units have a Fast Ice mode to speed up cooling.

Undercounter refrigerators are smaller than traditional fridges, allowing them to fit under the counter without taking up valuable floor space. They also feature front venting technology, which draws heat from exhaust away from the compressor in order to preserve energy efficiency.

Condenser coils are usually located within the refrigerator which makes them smaller. The high-end fans found in top undercounter fridges push cool air into the front grill and channel it through the condenser and evaporator to swiftly bring the unit down to temperature.

The cost of energy for appliances get baked into our fixed costs for many years to come So it makes sense to opt for a more efficient model that uses less electricity. Look for the energy STAR label and look at the energy consumption statistics on different products to find the most cost-effective choice.

Counter-top refrigerators are a great method to increase the capacity of your kitchen. They can help you save space in the refrigerator and provide an easy access to snacks, beverages or condiments. Plus, they can help keep food fresher for longer by reducing spoilage and making sure that the food items are at the right temperature.